Helen Lyle is a grad student who studies at a university in Chicago,she is the wife of Trever Lyle and the friend of Bernadette Walsh.

She is the main character aside from Candyman from the first film of the trilogy, towards the end of the film she gives in to temptation and makes herself Candyman's victim she too is graunted immortality and now haunts the mirror just like Candyman.

In the films, Helen is potrayed by Virginia Madsen

Her Life

Helen is a grad student from Chicago, she had taken up researching urban legends and came across the legend of the Candyman. She had interviewed Freshmen about the legend, the student tells her of a story about a babysitter who called him. During the film Helen finds out that her Building block where she lives is the exact same as the ones on Cabrini Green, therefore she doubts the Myth is true.


Helen and Bernadette Chanting Candyman

Helen herself takes on the role alongside her friend and colleague Bernadette to say his name in the mirror. Although nothing happens, she finds herself having memory flash backs. Helen is then greeted by the Hookman killer in a car park after she receives the printed versions of her picture she had taken from Cabrini Green. Throughout the movie she is seen researching further by visiting Cabrini Green, the estate where supossingly Candyman was last seen. She finds out that a woman and a local boy were killed there in his name. 

Her Death

Helen had gotten caught up in a pile of objects in the center of the Cabrini Green Estate, she was there to rescue the baby for Anne-Marie after promising her life to Candyman. However, Candyman did not keep his promise of daving the baby so she takes the baby and tries to escape the hookman.

Before her death

After giving the baby to Anne-Marie she dies of the burns inflicted from the fire to escaped from, after the events of her death it is revealed at the end that she too was graunted immortality by Candyman and now shares the myth. 

The Afterlife

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Helen reveals herself to Trever to be the next Candyman

 After her death, she is graunted the right to be a medium like Candyman, the myth of Helen is a person says her name five times in the mirror and she would appear behind the person and kill them with a hook. However, the hook she uses isn't embedded in to her arm.

Her first victim in the film is her husband Trever, he doesn't directly call her but he grieves infront of the mirror repeating the words "Oh Helen", she then appears and murders him.


  • Candyman
  • Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh (Mentioned)


  • During the first film, Virginia was placed under hypnosis. However, this had to stop because she began to lose her memory.