Ethan Tarrant
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First DOB - 1970
Second Deceased
Third Gunshot Wound
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Fourth Family

Octavia - Mother Coleman - Father Annie - Sister

Ethan Tarrant is the son of Octavia and Coleman Tarrent, he is the decendant of Candyman and a strong believer in Candyman's existance. He tries to hide the secret of the hookman until Annie calls the Candyman herself.

Early LifeEdit



Ethan was born and raised in New Orleans with his sister Annie Tarrant , he is the son of Octavia and Coleman Tarrant and is the decendant of Daniel Robitaille and Caroline Sullivan.

In the events of the second film he haunts the book writer who calls on his decendant Candyman to prove he isnt real, however Ethan knows the truth after finding his father Coleman's dead body in their family loft. His body was laid infront of many images and painting of the hookman, this put alot of belief into Ethan on his existances and then tries to hide it from his sister Annie.

His DeathEdit

Ethan was one of the cast members out of the film not to be killed by the Candyman , although he had belief in the hookman Ethan was in fact killed by a police officer after he tried to escape from the police station. He had seen the Candyman murder the police officer who was questioning Ethan over the death of the book writer, Detective Valento had called the Candyman to prove he did not exist however to his horror the Candyman appeared behind him and murdered him without harming Ethan, Ethan was later shot by police after running.

Appearences Edit

  • Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh





Scaring the book writer