Caroline Sullivan is the daughter of a wealthy landowner, she is the lover of Daniel Robitaille (Candyman) and she is the mother of Isabel Sullivan.

In the films, Caroline is portrayed by Caroline Barcley and Laura Mazur.

Early LifeEdit

Caroline was born in the late 1800's in New Orleans, she is the daughter of a wealthy landowner, Heyward Sullivan. she was sent to the best school's near by and was raised in the society as a beautiful and gracious woman.

She met the painter, Daniel Robitaille when her father commissioned him to paint her portrait in order to capture her beauty which she was apparently famous for. The two soon fell in love, however, it would only end in tragedy for them.

When her father learned of their love affair, he gathered a lynch mob and chased the young man down. Upon catching him, the crowd tortured Daniel brutally, chopping off his painting hand, and replacing it with a metal hook which was nailed to his wrist. He was then smeared with honey from an apiary, which attracted a multitude of bees which stung him repeatedly, much to the twisted delight of the onlookers as Heyward Sullivan taunted him in his agony, showing him his now disfigured face in a mirror.

Caroline runs through the crowd to try and stop the cruelty being inflicted on her lover, but her father orders two members of the lynching mob to restrain her just when she is about to reach her lover. Her emotional agony as she beholds her lover's disfigured face, and her helplessness when she sees that he is dying is written all over her face even as she pleads with her father to stop his cruelty. Her eyes hold Daniel's for a long moment, and after he breathes his last, she snatches the mirror her father had held, and runs away. As she sees her dead lover's face reflected in the glass, she clutches the mirror tightly, sobbing.



Caroline holding the mirror Annie is looking for.

After Daniel's death, she had bought the plantation where he was born and raised, this was for Isabel to grow up and be around everything her father had grew up around. In Candyman 2: Farewell to the flesh it is shown on Daniel's certificate that Annie's family home where she was born and raised was in fact where Caroline had raised Isabel and it was the birthplace to Daniel.

Caroline had left portraits of herself and paintings of Daniel, even the mirror she saved which shows the history she had. After her death, it was revealed in Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh, Caroline and her daughter Isabel were buried next to Daniel in the "Robitaille" Tomb she had made shortly after Daniel's death.

Personality Edit

In the films, Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh, and Candyman 3: Day of the Dead, Caroline is shown to be kind and gracious in addition to being beautiful. 

She is shown to have absolutely no discrimination against blacks, and when her lover was tortured to death, she was deeply grieved; although it wasn't shown, it is clear that Daniel's death strained her relationship with her father.

Caroline raised their daughter, Isabel around everything he had grown up around so that her child would know who her father was; she also honored him and his memory by building a tomb with "Robitaille" engraved on it. She even went as far as to give orders to have her body, and her daughter's buried next to the man she loved when both of them died.

Even after his death, Caroline's legacy revealed she had loved Daniel deeply, remaining faithful to him even after his death, until the day she died.


Caroline and Daniel

Story in the FilmsEdit

In both films, Candyman 2 and Candyman 3 show the relationship that Caroline and Daniel shared. Candyman tells the story to his descendants Annie, Claire and Caroline for them to see he wasn't always an evil soul. 


Daniel shows Caroline a painting he has done

In Candyman 3, the film shows their relationship in more depth revealing the portraits Daniel had produced of Caroline.


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  • Candyman 3: Day of the Dead (Flashback)